Empowerment Scholarship Accounts

Thousands of Arizona families send their children to the private school of their choice with an Empowerment Scholarship Account!

Does your child qualify?

Apply Now!

The application is NOW open for the 2019-2020 school year!  

The application is online and processed through the Arizona Department of Education.  To be directed to the online application, simply enter your name, email address and zip code and click ‘Apply Online.’

To see if your child is eligible to apply NOW and to learn more about the eligibility categories, see below under ‘Who Qualifies?’

Questions?  Contact Steve Smith, Arizona State Director at 480-225-8939 or ssmith@federationforchildren.org

ESA Parent Handbook

What is an Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA)?

An ESA allows a parent to take control of their child’s education.  Using an ESA, parents are able to “opt-out” of the public school system and instead can choose to receive their child’s allocated state education dollars.  These funds are deposited into an account that the parent or guardian controls.

ESA funds can be used to pay for private school tuition, tutoring or educational therapies.  Parents can even purchase curriculum and educate their child at home using an ESA!

The program is administered by the Arizona Department of Education.  The easy, one-page application is online.  There are no testing or income requirements.

Who Qualifies?

Does your child qualify for an Empowerment Scholarship Account? 

–   Children with special needs (with an IEP or 504 from a public school)

–   Children attending D or F rated public schools. Click here to find out what grade your child’s school received. 

–   Children who have ever been foster care

–   Children in active duty military families

–   Children living on Tribal lands

–   Children with a parent or guardian who is visually or hearing impaired

–   Siblings of qualifying children

NOTE: With the exception of military families and students in preschool or entering Kindergarten, the ESA program requires that students must meet certain public school attendance requirements.


For more information, visit the Arizona Department of Education’s website or download the department’s ESA Parent Handbook.