Fast Facts on Arizona’s Education Options


Arizona state law allows students to attend ANY public school, based on available classroom space.  This means you aren’t limited by your address.

Online Public Schools!

Online public schools are tuition-free options for students who would prefer to learn outside of the traditional school environment.  Students can even receive special education services.

There are more than 40 approved online schools and programs available throughout Arizona!

Charter Schools!

Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools.  Nearly 20% of Arizona students attend an Arizona charter school!

A-F School Letter Grades

All Arizona public and charter schools receive a letter grade from the Arizona Department of Education. What grade did your child’s school receive? Click here!


Homeschooling in Arizona is defined as the parent-led and privately funded education of a child at home. Parents who choose to educate their children at home are required to file an affidavit of their intent to homeschool with the state.

Private School Options!

Tax Credit Scholarships

Private school scholarship assistance is available through one of the many non-profit scholarship organizations in Arizona.  ALL Arizona families are eligible!

Empowerment Scholarship Account Program

Thousands of Arizona students in preschool through 12thgrade are currently eligible for a state-funded Empowerment Scholarship Account or ESA.

Arizona’s ESA program gives parents the ability to use their child’s state-allocated education dollars to pay for private school tuition, home education, tutoring, educational therapies and more!

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